denisboyd-book-coverMarriage can be Great!…no, really

Book by Denis Boyd

This book is in response to the many couples Denis has met who are looking for the necessary tools to create a great marriage.

Softcover Price: $19.05 plus HST plus S&H. Also available as an E-book!
Read more about Denis Boyd’s book here.

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Parenting Teens Without Power and Strings

Book by Rick Hancock

A paperback handbook for parents coping with difficult teen behaviour.

Topics covered:

  • Avoid interrogating your teen
  • How do I motivate my teen?
  • Rewards are risky
  • Saying “No” to your teen

Price: $10.00 plus HST plus S&H.
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Compact Discs

1) Living Through Grief

Have you suffered a loss or death of a loved one? Are you hurting and confused about what is happening to you?

This presentation touches upon healthy (and unhealthy) grief reactions. Learn the steps of “Good Grieving.” Help yourself and loved ones live through this difficult time of life.

Living Through Grief (CD Sample 1)

Living Through Grief (CD Sample 2)

Duration: 68 min.

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2) Stress Survival

Feeling overwhelmed, out of focus and exhausted? You may be stressed out. How do you cope with stress? Do you have a “stress survival program?”

This presentation outlines symptoms and sources of everyday stress. Learn some practical solutions for managing stress.

Stress Survival (CD Sample 1)

Stress Survival (CD Sample 2)

Duration: 80 min.

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3) Twenty Minutes at the Beach:  Deep Relaxation

This CD guides you through breathing and relaxation techniques.
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